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‘Time Magazine’ identifies root cause of yo-yo dieting

When Laura LaValle started to read a recent Time Magazine article titled “Weight Loss: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working,” she recognized a lot of what the author was reporting. After all, she’s been teaching much of what they had to say for more than 20 years.

Fad diets don’t work, and losing weight and keeping weight off has to be about more than cutting calories and increasing exercise. That’s the conclusion Time reached after studying the long-term success of contestants on hit television game show The Biggest Loser.

“If you really look at what they are saying — we know low-fat diets did not work,” Laura says. “That whole era led to massive, population-wide weight gain. We also know that focusing on low-calorie diets with increased exercise only doesn’t work. Just look at The Biggest Loser experiment. What did they find? Focusing on calories doesn’t work — it breaks down metabolism.”

That’s where REVOLISM® comes in. Our certified wellness coaches provide clients with the company’s exclusive wellness and weight-loss program, which includes proprietary assessments and a line of high-quality, all-natural supplements and nutritional products customized for each individual. Through an exclusive arrangement with the Metabolic Code, REVOLISM brings decades of clinical success — that until now was only available in a doctor’s office — to individuals in their homes, at work and on the go. The new website will be used to connect clients with wellness coaches and put them on the way to lasting metabolic change. Laura knows just how powerful the Metabolic Code can be when it comes to establishing long-term weight loss.

“We help people find their individualized diet — what carb level they need and what allergens are affecting them or not — and then we help support individual challenges to adhering to lifestyle changes and achieving weight loss, like helping stress and craving management and supporting sleep,” Laura explains. “REVOLISM supports the body’s ability to detox, we support the gut microbiome and self-correct other metabolic deficiencies. These are things that influence weight. Support them — you help people be more successful with weight loss.”

That’s the important component missing from the diet-and-exercise regimes. Time discovered that all but one of the contestants they were tracking regained weight — on average 66%. More importantly, four individuals gained more weight than they had lost. That’s not surprising to Laura.

“Focusing on calories doesn’t work — it breaks down metabolism,” Laura says. “You have to be about supporting a healthy metabolism with glucose-response management, stress management, sleep management, gut health, immune balance support and detox support.”

That’s where REVOLISM comes in. After you complete our wellness assessment, REVOLISM recommends a course of customized supplements to address nutritional deficiencies. Our coaches also recommend diet and exercise programs for those who need them, and when combined with recommended high-quality REVOLISM supplements, you feel better, lose weight and keep it off — because we’ve addressed the underlying causes of weight gain.

Getting started with REVOLISM is easy. You can complete our free wellness survey or find a wellness coach near you.

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