Unlock the Metabolic Code

We bring three decades of science and success to helping you achieve the optimal vitality, wellness and weight loss you need

REVOLISM® uses the Metabolic Code, a revolutionary formula that assesses your current state of well being and identifies personalized wellness goals. Since 2001, Jim LaValle, his wife Laura LaValle and co-founder Dr. Andrew Heyman have successfully applied this integrative health approach to over 10,000 individuals via the Metabolic Institute and its network of certified practitioners.

Now, Jim and his crew team up with REVOLISM founder David Ramadan and Chief Medical Officer Benjamin Gonzalez, MD, to bring the Metabolic Code’s power to a wider audience.

Jim is the founder of LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati and a nationally recognized authority in dietary supplements and metabolic medicine. Laura oversees all diet-related content for the Metabolic Code health, nutrition, and wellness library. Both Jim and Metabolic Code co-founder Dr. Andrew Heyman, who was instrumental in the creation of the Program for Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at George Washington University, have taught the Metabolic Code to thousands of healthcare practitioners at esteemed universities and organizations including the American Academy of Anti‐Aging Medicine (A4M), Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI), Integrative and the Metabolic Medicine at George Washington University (GWU).

Consider this from REVOLISM chief medical officer, Dr. Ben Gonzalez: “As Chief Medical Officer and an actively practicing weight loss physician, I personally train your wellness coach, certified by the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. We want you to reach your goals, whether it is to feel better, lose weight, or both!”

The Metabolic Code evaluates an individual’s current body chemistry and predicts potential future wellness risks. REVOLISM wellness coaches use a proprietary 100+ question assessment and vitality report to reveal a client’s metabolic imbalances before they turn into chronic conditions that accelerate aging.

The Metabolic Code report serves as an education and communication tool that empowers individuals to be active participants in their path to wellness. One of the biggest challenges in integrative care is to convey with clarity what the practitioner is trying to do for the consumer.  Within 48 hours of a visit, the client forgets more than 80% of all oral communication. Furthermore, labs are rarely explained well, and individuals are left to their own devices to figure out how to address any deficiencies. This is not the case with REVOLISM.

Your report is yours to keep and refer back to for guidance and details. All the while, REVOLISM custom-tailors a selection of supplements that are then delivered to your door with easy-to-follow dosage instructions. This eliminates the need for dozens of pills and powders, reducing you regimen to just a few pills and sometimes a powder packet.

The Metabolic Code is a proven system that is currently being used by hundreds of doctors and dietitians around the country.