Lose Weight with REVOLISM

Shed pounds and keep them off

When it comes to losing weight, there seems to be two approaches: radical surgery or fad diets. The problem with these two approaches is that neither addresses the fundamental causes of weight gain in the first place. REVOLISM® is a game changer — we succeed where fad diets have failed.

The secret to REVOLISM’s weight loss success lies in a fundamental understanding that is lacking in other weight loss products. Just ask Laura LaValle, the internationally renowned dietitian who helped develop the Metabolic Code, the revolutionary assessment tool that has been helping individuals via doctors and nutritionists for more than 30 years. REVOLISM focuses on two critical factors that influence weight and wellness: carbohydrate intake and food allergens.

“These are the two areas of diet that have the greatest potential to cause internal inflammation, and anything that causes internal inflammation causes us to gain weight and causes our health to erode,” Laura says. “Inflammation is the root cause of all chronic illness – diabetes, heart disease, cancer.”

Through a close examination of your metabolic functions and lifestyle choices, our certified wellness coaches develop a program to improve your metabolism. For an affordable initial fee of just $99, you can complete our comprehensive wellness assessment, which we combine with additional, low-cost minimal lab work. After we’ve compiled the information, you receive the complete REVOLISM wellness report, which includes dozens of factors showing what functions, processes and minerals need attention and which are working optimally. After that, we’ll provide you with customized supplements crafted to help you reach peak metabolic processes, shipped monthly to you. No other diet plan can promise what REVOLISM delivers.

“Most diet and wellness programs are based on two basic tenants: eat less and exercise more,” says Benjamin Gonzalez, MD, Chief Medical Officer for REVOLISM. “This basic formula of eating less and exercising more fails you; and in fact, as a physician specializing in weight loss and metabolism improvement, I can tell you that losing weight that way makes you fatter.”

Anyone who has ever followed a supermarket diet knows what Dr. Gonzalez means. In dietary circles, it’s called the rebound effect. And rebounding happens because fad diets fail to treat the underlying causes of obesity in the first place. REVOLISM strikes at the root causes of poor wellness and weight gain — inflammation.

We accomplish this by cutting carbohydrate intake and eliminating food allergens, and then we pair this with customized supplements to address any nutritional deficiencies. Once your metabolism starts improving, we reintroduce eliminated dietary elements gradually, until optimal intake levels are reached. You don’t have to give up pizza forever. We just help you determine how much pizza your body can optimally handle.

“Food sensitivities are a bigger factor in health than most people realize,” Laura says. “Many people are reacting to certain foods, and they don’t even realize it. So our diet walks you through a system to check this issue out for yourself.”

REVOLISM produces lasting, maintainable results

Where REVOLISM succeeds is through our focus on better metabolism — eating right, taking the correct supplements, and doing appropriate exercises — rather than a silver-bullet method that attempts to address just one factor or one food. In fact, many nutritionists will confirm that simply cutting calories and exercising more is a recipe for long-term weight gain, not loss.

Our diet plan is different. Laura explains how:

“The diet is a little less calorie focused than most, in that, when you are eating the right amount of carbs and eliminating foods you’re sensitive to, you are reducing inflammation to such an extent, you can eat more calories than you would be able to otherwise,” Laura says.

And, because our proprietary assessment tool looks at each individual differently, no two diet-and-supplement programs are the same. This is a diet that is designed to strike at the heart of your weight problems, address them, and ultimately, correct them.