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Change your approach to wellness and weight loss

When it comes to wellness and weight loss, there’s no shortage of fad diets and silver-bullet supplements on the market. Yet, scratch the surface and you’ll discover that none of these programs delivers on the single most important promise: long-term improvement.

REVOLISM® is a game changer because our affordable wellness and weight loss system addresses the whole person — as they are right now — to help them become the individual they want to be. We accomplish this through our unique approach that addresses the individual’s needs to maximize results. Your certified wellness coach walks with you through each level of REVOLISM’s three-pronged approach:

  • Our proprietary 100+ question wellness survey, and lab tests (urine and saliva) to assess the state of your metabolism and create an individualized plan-of-action, including customized supplements and diet-and-exercise plan if you need to lose weight
  • Customized supplements arrive on a monthly basis, while our HIPPA-compliant app and your wellness coach provide you with regular wellness and diet prompts, outline meal plans and offer exercise routines
  • Periodically, we reassess your progress and make adjustments to your program based on your progress and needs

In short, REVOLISM is the only proactive, comprehensive approach to wellness and weight loss that assesses you based on you, where you are right now and builds a program specifically to meet your needs. REVOLISM is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we’re not promising a magic pill. Instead, we provide you with the information, products, and encouragement you need to achieve lasting wellness, stress reduction and weight loss.

REVOLISM addresses fundamental metabolic processes that cause a lack of vitality, increase stress and lead to weight gain

We operate on a simple reality: no two individuals are the same. While some may need to lose weight, others find themselves feeling poorly or stressing over everyday life. When you think about it, everyone is a complex assemblage of lifestyle, diet and biological processes, and helping each individual achieve their optimum self requires assessing all three aspects.

REVOLISM diet program

That’s where the Metabolic Code comes in. We use Jim LaValle’s unique system to craft for you a diet, exercise plan, and custom supplements to create a program that is affordable, sustainable, and best of all, designed exclusively to address your needs, whether it’s stress reduction, reduced fatigue or a need to lose weight. All the while, you’ll have the assurance of industry-leading experts, thirty years of clinical practice, and decades of scientific research backing you up.

“Our wellness coaches use a unique and powerful tool called the Metabolic Code, which is a personal, individualized assessment algorithm based on 30 years of research and experience to improve overall long term wellness and weight loss,” says Benjamin Gonzalez, MD, Chief Medical Officer for REVOLISM. “This powerful tool collects your detailed biometric data and subjective symptoms and ties it in with very specific salivary and urine tests to determine your metabolic challenges. Once those nutritional deficiencies are identified, we recommend specific diets and exercise and supply you with customized high quality supplements specific to your deficiencies.”

At the root of this system is attacking a fundamental cause of feeling poorly, lacking vitality, or gaining weight: inflammation. Systemic inflammation is one of the main causes of many chronic conditions, including obesity. REVOLISM addresses that through the application of science and knowledge.

“The Metabolic Code diet focuses on the two biggest areas that influence weight and health – carbohydrate intake and food allergens,” says Laura LaValle, a registered dietician who helped unlock the Metabolic Code. “These are the two areas of diet that have the greatest potential to cause internal inflammation. And anything that causes internal inflammation causes us to gain weight — and causes our health to erode. Inflammation is the root cause of all chronic illness – diabetes, heart disease, cancer.”

Get started for just $99 with REVOLISM’s wellness assessment, the results of which we combine with additional, non-invasive saliva and urine tests to provide a unique picture of you and your metabolism. Through the use of Metabolic Triads — groupings of particular processes and measurements — we are able to make measured and proven adjustments to your metabolic processes, reduce irritation and improve overall well-being.

REVOLISM diet program

In a world of fad diets and magic pills, our individualized approach is nothing short of revolutionary.

“As Chief Medical Officer and an actively practicing weight loss physician, I personally train your wellness coach, who is certified by the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences,” says Dr. Ben Gonzalez, MD, Chief Medical Officer for REVOLISM. “We want you to reach your goals, whether it is to feel better, lose weight, or both!”

In short, REVOLISM’s comprehensive approach doesn’t just treat the symptoms. We help make you the best possible version of yourself…inside and out.