Feel Better with REVOLISM

We believe everyone deserves vitality at every stage of life

Every individual has nutritional deficiencies, and addressing those shortfalls helps to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.  It’s not just about losing weight or reducing stress. REVOLISM® is a program for everyone, and here’s why.

More than 43% of Americans have a diagnosed metabolic condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension — this according to a recent study published by global health information powerhouse Kantar¹. That same study also reports that up to 35% of the population suffers from gastrointestinal conditions. REVOLISM addresses many of these problems through a thorough and individualized metabolic examination via the revolutionary Metabolic Code, which has helped tens of thousands of individuals through doctors and nutritionists for more than three decades.

“Our system is the most comprehensive tool out there to help people make a big impact on their health and vitality for today, and more importantly, for their future,” says clinical nutritionist Jim LaValle, inventor of the Metabolic Code. “Not only have I seen the results in my own patients over the years, but I am now also getting this same feedback from the hundreds of doctors who are using the system.”

REVOLISM works by changing underlying structural issues in your metabolism to help you feel more energetic and improve wellbeing. This is a game changer in the wellness and weight loss industry.

REVOLISM unlocks the power of the Metabolic Code to help you feel better — at every stage of life

One of the great myths of getting older is that you have to get used to how you feel. Jim says this simply is not so.

“You do not have to accept how you feel today as a normal part of aging,” Jim says. “You can embrace the change. Be a part of REVOLISM and chart a new course to your health. We call it unlocking your code to vitality and vibrant health.”

When it comes to anti-aging, our state-of-the-art self-assessment tool, customized supplements, mobile app and certified wellness coaches work in tandem to provide you the most up-to-date metabolic information available and a wellness plan tailored exclusively to your needs. Through REVOLISM, you can arrest the negative effects of the aging process, improve vitality and live the full, vibrant life you deserve.

We are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, REVOLISM treats the whole you as an individual to help you be the most optimal version of yourself. For an affordable initial fee of just $99, you can complete the comprehensive wellness assessment. We’ll combine the results with additional low-cost urine and saliva tests to compile your complete metabolic profile and supplements plan. You can start the journey to the best possible you when you find a certified wellness coach in your area today. 

1“2014 Global Health and Wellness Report,” Kantar Health,  http://www.kantarhealth.com/docs/ebooks/global-health-and-wellness-report.pdf